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                Marketing Network

                Shanghai Jinci Trading CO., LTD.
                - Tianjin Branch
                - Yuyao Branch
                - Xian Branch
                - Wuhan Branch
                - Chengdu Branch
                - Wenzhou Office
                - Nanjing Office
                - Cixi office
                - Beijing Office
                - Guangzhou Office
                - Danyang Office
                Tel: 021-36307676
                Fax: 021-36307800
                Shanghai Jinci Trading Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company with solid strength in capital and excellent service abilities. Our tenet is "To cooperate closely with our clients with best services". Our core business is the distribution of Covestro engineering plastics around the Chinese market. Being the biggest authorized distributor for Covestro polycarbonate(PC) in China, Shanghai Jinci Trading Co., Ltd. has a large number of loyal customers in East and North China. Further market success has also been achieved in the areas of south-west……[Detail]


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                 Source Type Grade Code No. Characterization Application
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2407 550115泰國 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2405 550115 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2407 020003 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2405 450601 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2407 250392 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2407 550115 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2407 250392 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2405 901510 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2407 702013 [Download] [View]
                 科思創產品 ?寺 Makrolon 非增強通用品級 2458 550115 [Download] [View]

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